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In this episode of Michael's daily broadcast, he gives us all a reality check. Success is not about knowing everything, success is truly embracing that we don't know and we won't let not knowing stop us. "LEARN AS YOU GO" is the key to success. You can tune into Michael's daily Facebook broadcast at 9am-9:15 EST or subscribe to his Youtube channel to get the daily replay.

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Michael is success coach, best-selling author, keynote speaker and successful entrepreneur.  See Michael in action and hear from his happy business owner clients.  

"Falling down is allowed...getting up is required!"



Michael Botts is a success coach, best-selling author and acclaimed keynote speaker.  At 17 Michael put on his first event called "YOUTH QUAKE" where he was the keynote speaker at this event and that set Michael on a path of coaching and speaking ever since.


Michael's leadership skills were developed early on while he served in USMC from 1985-1989. He was chosen for the then-called 'Yankee White Program' where he trained and served as a Presidential Guard to President Reagan and Bush.


After his military service, Michael played college football and competed in a National Championship. After college Michael started his own marketing and distribution company "Impact Marketing" and then founded "ServiceMaster BY Mike" - all while gaining experience as a successful business owner.

Michael has always taken people in and mentored them; it's in his DNA to motivate, inspire and transform people into brilliance. Michael now focuses on success coaching including one-on-one sessions with veteran business owners and speaking about success to university students . 



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Failure is your friend

How I Help 



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I help business owners get clear concise focus. The kind of focus that cuts though steel.  As a business owner you get bombarded by demands daily that scatter you too thin and out of focus.


When you bring me on as your success coach you will get ridiculous, never before experience in a focus that creates revenue that was available all along but over looked because of the pulls on you from every side.


Your relationships with your spouse and family will expand and flourish, your body will get the attention it needs and deserves. You will grow your revenue by leaps and bounds.





As a speaker I offer students an opening to adapt the success formula RISK. FAIL. LEARN. REPEAT. They get a birds eye view of how success now and in their future can be achieved through this success formula that leaves room for " Falling down is allowed and getting up is required"


University Activity Directors can contact Michael to learn more or to book him for a speaking engagement. 



Both my 1 on 1 clients and my audience get a confidence that's rarely accessed... its been inside of them all along but they got caught in the rip tide of life and got sucked under drowning in doubt fear and limiting beliefs. I give them access to this confidence once again and give them strategies to nurture it and build it so they can succeed and achieve their destiny.  Each of them get pulled out of the quick sand of "AM I ENOUGH" and land sure footed on the solid ground of "'I AM ENOUGH". Then they sprint into success and their destiny with confidence, certainty, boldness and zero, absolute zero fear of failure. 

Client Reviews

hear from my clients

I just want you to know that every since I have been watching you, my house has been in an uproar. I have been acting on ideas of remodel and organization. I am tired of things staying the same and feeling so unsatisfied. I am thankful for your enthusiasm and motivation. You have put a fire back in me that has been missing for a very long time. Thank you.

Satisfied Client

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